Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

I get lots of questions from our many fans so I have decided to answer the most frequently asked questions here:

  • It would depend on the people involved.
  • The one on the left.
  • No, I do not drink. Why do you ask?
  • Yes. Absolutely. Without exception.
  • They both are!
  • I'm sorry but I don't answer those sorts of questions.
  • April 9th, 1971.
  • As often as possible.
  • Once or twice but I try to avoid doing that now.
  • The one on the right.
  • I don't know. What's in it for me?
  • The same place that you get yours.
  • In the bedroom. With the candlestick.
  • I can too! You take that back! Anyway, that's not really a question.
  • Never.
  • Because it's so easy!
  • Yes, but it was only a hairline skull fracture.
  • Of course it is. That's the whole point!

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